Bella the Dragon in SVG

Bella the Dragon is a childrens picture book written by my wife, Barbara Nick, illustrated by Elaine Steckler, and read by our daughter, Katie Beres. It is a story about the magic of friendship, the sadness of separation, and the joy of reunion. The book is currently being prepared for printing. The story and some early illustrations were published as an E-Book in Microsoft Reader format. See Catto Creations web site.

I discovered SVG while working with the E-Book and looking for a way to make the text scalable. I saw the potential for SVG in other areas and have just gotten back to working with this book again. I am trying to use SVG, with audio, to read the book aloud. Unfortunately, I am having trouble with the audio via the web. I know streaming media would help, or maybe using HTML and Microsoft's html+time to field more events, but I only want to use Adobe's SVG viewer.

Here is a link to where I am at:    BellaTheDragon.svg

It works every well offline where the audio files are stored locally, so if you have a slow internet connection, download the zip file and run it locally.